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AtypI Trailer (2012)

Music/Sound design

Latin and Chinese letters blend into new forms and shapes. A notion? This clip was developed as the opening trailer for the AtypI Conference 2012 in Hong Kong.
Animation by Svenja Voß.

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Bewegte Schrift (Moving Type, 2012)

Music/Sound design

Scoring of thirty-three abstract short films showing experimental animation of typography. Sound and image work on various concepts and non-concepts processing a great variety of analog/manual and digital techniques and materials. The sound design is based on the image by using a wide range of approaches such as: associative scoring of the videos, use of hazardous material, on-camera recordings, data extraction from the pictures by measuring or approximation, conversion from video into sound... The compositions are built up of live-recorded instruments both real and virtual alongside generated noises and field-recordings.
The videos were developed by Svenja Voß as her bachelor-thesis.
Watch all clips here.

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Brèches d'une Mechanique sonore (cracks in a sonic mechanism, 2012)

Audiovisual Installation

This absurd sonic machine has a body and is living a life of tasks and production, due to programmed rules. The machine manufactures different kinds of information: sonic, visual, digital and textual, passing them between its organs and discharging them through its different outputs. Within this stream of information, it generates errors so that it can also be referred to as an efficient error-machine.
The installation was developed together with Ali Tnani.


11/2012 Objets son, e-fest exhibition, Palais Ebdellia, La Marsa, Tunisia

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Die Theorie des Himmels (The Theory of the Sky, 2011)

Live electronics/Sonic concept

This sound performance works with the sounds of classical instruments as well as with electronic noises inside the spatial conditions of the KIT (Kunst im Tunnel, an exhibition space in Düsseldorf), which happens to be the relict of a highway tunnel.
The performance is composed as a piece for two violins, cello, harp and electronics. The piece was developed by Mischa Tangian for the exhibition.


01/2011 Opening of the exhibition Die Theorie des Himmels, KIT (Kunst im Tunnel), Düsseldorf

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Don't look now (2012)

Music/Sound design

Don't look now is a book installation by Edition Taube. A grainy audio loop, working with sounds produced by books, creates the sonic ambiance.

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Elektronikfachgeschäft (2009)

Live electronics

80s trash, minimal techno and outdated club music band proudly performing since 2009. In collaboration with Florian Breuer and Michael Hohnstock.
Homepage Elektronikfachgeschäft


02/2012 Monkey's Club, Düsseldorf
03/2011 #Tausend, Cologne
01/2011 Cologne Music Week, Cologne
11/2010 Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
01/2010 Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf

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Hemisphere (2011)

Music/Sound design

This short movie by Stephan Telaar approaches the conflict between raw emotions and rational thinking. Both for the image and the music, the golden ratio is used as the formal principle. It is the mathematical base for the generation of sound clusters for exemple.

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Improvisation with Prepared Consumer Electronics (2012)

Live elektronics

For this performance, electrical goods produced for entertainment purposes are prepared and used as instruments. The lo-fi-technology allows a kind of improvisation that can be themed "bugs are features".
The visuals contrast with clean graphic algorithms, which use rough and reused code. They are created by Jan Steinbach.


03/2012 Dimanche Rouge, Divan du Monde, Paris
02/2012 Cité International des Arts, Paris

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I never wrote a Sound (2012)

Live-coding sound performance

Creating a dialog between an outdated typewriter and an up-to-date typing machine (a computer), this sound performance brings together two machines for textual in- and output, thereby presenting their dependent relation regarding their derivation, extinction and resurrection.
A collaboration with Ali Tnani.

Debut performance

03/2012 Cité International des Arts, Paris

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Leerstand (vacancy, 2012)

Live electronics/Open lab

Open lab/nursery/session organized by Shiny Toys. With obejcts and installations from: raumzeipiraten and Jan Ehlen.
It was held in KitEV, a Kunstverein located in the old water tower of the train station of Oberhausen.


12/2012 KitEV, Oberhausen

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Opera Evening: Ein kurzes Leben (a short life, 2011)

3d-video material/Projection mapping

Multimedia stage design for the staging of the operas Suor Angelica (Puccini) and La vida breve (de Falla). A team from Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien set the operas in a modern context.
Video direction by Stephan Telaar.


04/2011 Robert Schmann Music School Düsseldorf

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Paketzentrum47 (2011)

Audiovisual installation

This sound sculpture deals with the issues of transportation routes, distances and packaging of electronic entertainment goods.
Both the sound and the video material originate from a recording made by devices that were sent by post for twelve hours, recording throughout the duration of their transportation. The visuals are comprised of digital pictures showing the raw material of which the electric devices are made. The respective packages used for the installation are not transported to the location since they are already there. This makes it both site specific and suitable for all-sites, and is also an examination of transport material as an omnipresent, virtually invisible disguise for every object. Cardboard boxes and other kinds of packaging provide projection screens for the pictures of them being transported. Analogously, some of the cartons are used as speakers for the eight audio channels, thereby shaping the sound and its spatialisation.


11/2011 Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen, Raum13 – Deutzer Zentralwerk der Schönen Künste, Cologne
07/2011 festival for applied acustics, Cologne

Portfolio Website (2013)

Virtual object

My portfolio website was made by Svenja Voß (design), Katharina Hauke (text) and Fabian Frei (programming). We worked with different concepts: the content is visually organized on a map; there are feedback loops and a lot of cross reverences in the text; the programmation is very slick and home brewed.

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synthOlele (2012)

Development of instrument/Live electronics

The synthOlele is a digital instrument. It combines several elements for the control of synthesized sound hence working as an interface. There is a certain resemblance to a traditional ukulele. This is not a coincidence but strict plagiarism aiming for the synthOlele to become the ukuleles' electronic cover-version.
The synthOlele was developed in collaboration with industrial designer Dominik Noli.


02/2012 Cité International des Arts, Paris (experimental version)
02/2012 Monkey's Club, Düsseldorf (club version)

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Das Translokales Rundfunkorchester (since 2010)

Live electronics

An experimental ensemble for manipulated radios. Through the search for a new voice for an old fashioned medium, the radio program becomes an instrument. We combine media techniques from two centuries: radiophonic information transfer and state of the art digital media technologies.
The Translocal Rundfunk Orchestra was founded in 2009 in the Music Informatics major at Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien and plays in various orchestrations.
Homepage Rundfunkorchester


03/2013 now & next, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf
10/2012 In The Cage, Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf
02/2012 Network Music Festival, Birmingham (GB)
06/2011 Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
09/2010 Supercollider Symposium, Berlin

Lukas Truniger

is a Swiss sound artist, musician and composer. Born in Zürich in 1986, he obtained a music degree from the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media in Düsseldorf (D) and is currently undergoing his postgraduate studies at Le Fresnoy - studio national des arts contemporains in Tourcoing (F). He works in the areas of live music, performance, multimedia installations and the creation of new instruments. Fascinated by network processes and concepts of multidimensionalism, self-made code and circuits, hacked instruments and misused tools; these components have become crucial to his work.

Full bio here.

"Music happens when being shared with other people." Matias Aguayo, in a lecture

Urban areas make sound and are full of possibilities to disperse sound - not forgetting their own.
Consider the following experiment: record urban sonic phenomena. Play the recordings back to the city using sound transducers through various materials, structures and forms. The balustrades, glass-fronts and drain pipes playing their own sounds will amplify themselves and start resonating. Soon the whole city will build up a feedback, reverberating its own score.
A possible aim of this investigation could be to bring a simple algorithm into the city; a software encoded as a rhythmic sequence of sound, open for the city's changes (since it is exposed to them). A flexible future information network such as this evolves from its own crises: the permanent alteration would constantly trigger the self-organization of a network that organizes itself in and through alteration.

Lukas Truniger

lukas dot truniger at gmail dot com
plus 49 163 317 0854

Homepage Credits
Design: Svenja Voß
Texts: Katharina Hauke
Text revision: Annie Goh
Programming: Fabian Frei

Lukas Truniger
Langerstr. 14
40233 Düsseldorf
lukas dot truniger at gmail dot com
plus49 0163 317 0854

Dance styles emerge from collective processes. They are carried on over generations and to different areas, develop regional dialects and preserve their flexibility to adapt to niches for a few people. Dance is a form of language.

"All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."
Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho


Fabian Frei
Katharina Hauke
Jonas Hummel
Jan Steinbach
Edition Taube
Stephan Telaar
Ali Tnani
Svenja Voß

We rely on transportation, food supply chains, the internet, the media, all kind of industries, all the machines that we have unleashed. Their information sequences and digital transactions go far beyond our perception. However a muffled pumping remains... a rhythmic throb, a constant vibration, a subtle whir, a fizzing around, a piercing shriek. Once we stop ignoring it, it all comes crashing down about our ears. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Over and over again iterating the collapse. We force the pace to constantly accelerate, speeding up the process, sabotaging our goods, our organs, our systems, forcing them to become obsolete, initiating self-destruction.
We root out every secret that is not rooted deep enough and unfold it to the blazing sun, to scorching criticism, to dry out each and every fact, knowing that we will reincarnate as rhizomes in multidimensional space, feeling that we have become aliens.

Reliable news is spread by gossip and carrier pigeons provide the smallest data carrier, then fed to mechanical computers built and used in an auditory space (they are operated via bucket drums outputting machine code). To this world rhythms are vital, the rhythm of speech, of thought, of movement and dance. Not only do they carry information, they are information, potential energy that informs each and every body.

(tiny cracks that sum up to what we refer to as wall)

Plain insufficiency

We cut a swath through this tangled world, a straight line loophole for all intents and purposes and a straight view over this jungle that only appeared to be intangible, multidimensional, but that we knew would turn out to be flat (once we flattened it).
And rasterized. Composed of precisely arranged concrete districts, subdivided by straight tarmaced lines and seemingly sleek concrete walls. With sticky city traffic stopping and starting between blocks and buildings, a viscous flow or a stream, transport system, water system, communication or media network, power network, the world wide web... diverse movements that divide and connect people. As we start listening to its rhythms, structures, bodies, vibrations, its sound, we discover that the the city is crowded to overflowing with sonic information and thus cause and purpose both of and for a future auditive information system.
As futuristic as this may sound, it is not the ever-advancing, hyper-engineered, super efficient vision of what is to come but the idea of advancing backwards and in all directions: This future is an ocean and we are navigating on it now. Going nowhere and yet getting everywhere — in circles — or is it spirals? — on our raft made of plastic bottles or as we call them: re-invented wheels.
We are gambling away our time playing (cards, instruments, programming, tinkering, soldering , cooking, doing stuff outdoors, listening… listening real hard… and again programming…). And there is really nothing else to do, no meaningful machine to bow to and work for, just this wasteland of time. We contemplate all of our playing, about how time is all you need and unpayable, not with money at any rate.
If we needed money, we'd have invented it ourselves by now. But we didn't, we invented other stuff. Things that are better shared than stored and ideas that need no protection but need to be spread. We believe in the importance of being in contact with and open for others as well as ourselves, in making new and old friends, in watching slide shows together that show slides none of us know, so we can make up a whole new meaning for them, construct worlds that never existed but are based on our shared experience of watching flat pictures developed on razor-thin glass that beg for being shattered to burst into a thousand sounds, crowding it with a million perspectives, possibilities and with its chaos ever more obscuring this world we're making up.
Until we decide to cut a swath through this tangled world, a straight line loophole for all intents and purposes and for a straight view over this jungle that only appeared to be intangible, multidimensional, but that we knew would turn out to be flat (once we flattened it).

Microscopic and macroscopic structures of urban sound (work in progress, 2012)

As an approach to the microscopic spheres of urban sound, I work towards carving out grains of the city's noises using contact microphones. Via time lapse, I perceptualize macroscopic structures, rhythms and single notes that extend over hours and days.