An automated Self (v0.1 non-interactive)

generative video installation, 2023

The piece reflects our modern self, formed through ever repeating interactions with computational entities, which are designed to attract and guide our attention, our desires, our fears. A self that becomes itself programmed, having interacted so much with algorithms that it has assimilated them.

Two deconstructed LED screens observe each other, displaying AI-generated video sequences that imitate social media feeds. The AI-algorithms are challenged to recreate the flow of the very social media feeds they were originally trained with, forming a feedback loop between generating and observing entities.

The piece attempts to render the dynamics of social networks, which are formed around these nostalgic, self-referential echo chambers. It is heavily inspired by online phenomena that express entangled human-algorithm interactions, such as the impersonation of non-player characters (NPC) of popular games, meme stocks and other hype cycles.

The installation speculates on the implications of synthetic media and hijacks these technologies to understand their deceptive power but also their true narrative properties. It identifies ways to break out of these feedback loops again.

03.2024  MØSAÏS store – Paris (FR), in permanent display as part of MØSAÏS store’s collection
02.2024 Polygon Afters – NFT Paris – Paris (FR)
12.2023  MØSAÏS store – Paris (FR)