Crackling Data Machine

networked installation, 2014 – 2016
1m x 0.8 m x 0.7m
in collaboration with Ali Tnani

The epoch of the networks brought us – besides a wonderful new playground for ideas – also some downsides : diverse surveillance, the addiction for information and hyperactive economic betting.

This ambivalent reality we want to confront with our absurd DIY experiments and artistic hacking. We are searching for the net’s potential of creating its particular imagery and sounds, reusing its questionable techniques. Data are sound and visual, surrounding us in the form of electromagnetic waves or are rhythmically transmitted as light sequences. We search for the invisible melodies and visual rhythms of data, using this potential to make a direct connection with the audience.

03.2018   Galerie El Marsa – Dubai (UE)
12.2017   Galerie El Marsa – Tunis (TN)
12.2016   Données à voir – La Terasse – Nanterre (F)
06.2014   Glassbox – Paris (F)
02.2014   If you‘re so smart, why ain‘t you rich – Marrakech Biennale (MA)

_Project credits
<> Concept & realization: Ali Tnani & Lukas Truniger

Revue Espace / #108 (CA)

Donnees à voir – © Thierry Fournier