Ethereal Fleeting (urban version)

climatic installation, 2018-2019
in collaboration with Itamar Bergfreund & Bruce Yoder

A silvery, machine-like sculpture is slowly generating a continuous series of clouds. They appear, float through the surrounding environment and disappear into thin air again. The setup forms a juxtaposition of a metallic structure and an artificial reproduction of a natural phenomenon. This supposed contrast between technology and nature is explored in a scope of unseen possibilities of sustainable interdependence.

From a distance, the series of clouds can be observed floating in repetitive patterns – as if they encode a message. Indeed, the formation of the clouds is programmed to conceal an algorithmic poem, coded into the winds. The air is used as an ephemeral storage medium, its meaning slowly dissolving over time. This serves as a metaphor for our modern societies: we are constantly writing our stories into the atmosphere – both consciously and unconsciously – manifesting energy into tangible, albeit transient, forms.

The installation is an attempt to synthetically reproduce one of nature’s most stunning marvels outside of its expected context. Though this endeavor appears to be doomed to failure, it raises various questions regarding how we interact with our environment as well as on the human desire to imitate and eventually control nature.

06.2019   Liminal Festial – Bucharest (RO)
03.2019   Mirage Festival – Lyon (FR)

+ Mirage Festival

_Project credits
<> Concept:
Lukas Truniger in collaboration with Itamar Bergfreund, Bruce Yoder
<> Artistic direction & visual design: Lukas Truniger
<> Structural design: Itamar Bergfreund, Lukas Truniger
<> Software design & development:
Adele Lin, Sophi Kravitz, Mat Pinner, Lukas Truniger

_Project website

Mirage Festival #7 – « Turbulences » – © Lukas Truniger
Mirage Festival #7 – « Turbulences » – © Marion Bornaz
Mirage Festival #7 – « Turbulences » – © Marion Bornaz
Mirage Festival #7 – « Turbulences » – © Lukas Truniger
Mirage Festival #7 – « Turbulences » – © Marion Bornaz
Mirage Festival #7 – « Turbulences » – © Julie Treillet
Liminal Festival 2019 – © Lukas Truniger