Lost in binary Translation

kinetic sound installation, 2016
64 electromechanical relays, found objects, radio receiver, antenna, PVC, microcontroller, custom electronics
320 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm

As an attempt of a binary representation of complex organic sounds – noise, language and music – the installation is programmed to constantly search the radio spectrum and algorithmically analyze it. The received sounds are recreated with clicks and noises made by 64 electromechanical relays. This process of sonic reduction and rasterisation produces a copy still carrying some of the original information of the sound (rhythms, densities and timbres), but which is vague enough to become properly re-understood.
The piece challenges the loss of meaning in digital transformations, which often leads to strange interpretations and misunderstandings, but also to a deeper understanding of a certain concept.

01.2017 Inframince / Villa Mallet Stevens / Paris
06.2016 Avatar / Meduse / Quebec (CA)

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$ Artjaws (F)

+ Developed at and with Avatar Centre of the Cooperative Méduse, Quebec (CA), in the framework of a residency by Pépinières européennes and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.
+ Many thanks to LA Chambre Blanche.

* neural #56 (IT)
* Point Contemporain (FR)
* Inferno Magazine (FR)

La Chambre Blanche – Quebec (CA) – © Marion Grotti, Marie Lelouche