Distributive Intelligence | A group mind

2021, generative kinetic light installation

This kinetic light installation questions the centralized nature of our society, in which few actors control the critical nodes and infrastructures of modern life. It consists of up to four hundred mechanical and interactive light objects, which together develop an emergent behavior. The work reflects new forms of collaboration and social interaction by implementing a self-organizing aesthetic form produced collectively by individual entities.

The installation is embodying computational models of complex systems through real life objects and their light communication. The individual objects are forming a pseudo-societal nonhuman interaction space, a dancefloor for simple robotic devices, a collectively produced dynamic light architecture.

At the heart of the project: the extraordinary moment of life-like behavior in complex systems emerging out of randomness and chaos, the rare organic condition between chaotic and structured organization.

By observing and interacting with such a simulation and its multitude of entities, the piece challenges our ability to grasp complex interconnectedness. Through an immersive and direct experience, the spectator can draw unexpected insight about our conduct within the complex system of our societies, especially with regard to the different systemic crises we are facing.

07.2021   Kunstraum Walcheturm – Zürich (CH)

_Project credits
<> Concept & realization: Lukas Truniger
<> Production support: Bipolar
<> Scientific mentor: Jean-Paul Delahaye
<> Tool conception & fabrication: CHRISTOPHEGREGÓRIO.ART
<> Thanks to: Marie Lelouche, Chloé Taverregniet, Dominique Noli and Christian Arter

+ Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council
+ DICRéAM – Centre National du Cinéma (CNC)
+ Région Haut-de-France
+ La Folie Numerique