Hidden Realities

2019, interactive audiovisual installation

In our contemporary society, we are constantly facing invisible realities. We are interacting with them all the time; our infrastructure, the web, the organization of our economy and society, money, but also in the form of abstract concepts and ideas in science.

The installation is an attempt to recreate this dilemma in a purified and playful way: a virtual space is implemented into a real empty room and thanks to a network of light rays, different aspects of the virtual are gradually revealed. The piece serves as an interface or portal between the real space and the virtual space, inviting the spectator to interact with the hidden layer in different ways. This process questions and challenges our human perception as well as the construction of our reality.

The piece reflects our need to embody immaterial concepts to further probe them. It is thus drawing unseen approaches of how to interact with all the hidden layers of our society.

08.2019 Lethargy Festival – Zürich (CH)

+ Lethargy Festival

_Project credits
<> Concept, composition, programming: Lukas Truniger
<> Mentoring: Michel Häberli

Lethargy Festival – Zürich (CH) – © Lukas Truniger