Latent Realities

interactive audiovisual installation, 2019

In our contemporary societies, we are constantly facing its hidden aspects. We are blindly interacting with them: our infrastructures, our financial systems, the world wide web.

The installation is an attempt to recreate this dilemma in a playful way: a virtual space is implemented in an empty physical space as an overlay of an invisible coordinate system of a hidden, virtual reality. Thanks to a network of intersecting light rays, different aspects of this virtuality are gradually revealed, as the lights are passing along invisible forms and architectures. The piece serves as a portal between the real space and the virtual space, inviting the spectator to interact with the invisible in different ways.

The piece reflects our need to embody immaterial concepts to further probe them. It is thus drawing unseen approaches of how to interact with all the hidden layers of our society.

Composed of a network of intersecting light rays, the installation is following a focal point in a virtual space, passing along invisible forms and architectures.

A series of virtual patterns and objects are drawn and traced by the array of real light rays, thus continuously revealing them. The multi-channel sound is following this localization process as well and further materializes the hidden virtual environment.

The public can directly interact with the virtual space thanks to game controllers, enabling the audience to further explore it on its own.

09.2021   Blooming Festival – Pergola (IT)
08.2019   Lethargy Festival – Zürich (CH)

_Project credits
<> Concept, music, programming: Lukas Truniger
<> Mentoring: Michel Häberli

+ Lethargy Festival

The piece can be shown indoors or adapted for outdoor spaces.

Blooming Festival – Pergola (IT) – © Something Surprising
Blooming Festival – Pergola (IT) – © Lukas Truniger

Lethargy Festival – Zürich (CH) – © Lukas Truniger