Installation, 2011

This sound sculpture deals with the issues of transportation routes, distances and packaging of electronic entertainment goods.
Both the sound and the video material originate from a recording made by devices that were sent by post for twelve hours, recording throughout the duration of their transportation. The visuals are comprised of digital pictures showing the raw material of which the electric devices are made. The respective packages used for the installation are not transported to the location since they are already there. This makes it both site specific and suitable for all-sites, and is also an examination of transport material as an omnipresent, virtually invisible disguise for every object. Cardboard boxes and other kinds of packaging provide projection screens for the pictures of them being transported. Analogously, some of the cartons are used as speakers for the eight audio channels, thereby shaping the sound and its spatialisation.

_11/2011 Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen / Raum13 –
Deutzer Zentralwerk der Schönen Künste /
Cologne (D)
_07/2011 festival for applied acustics / Cologne (D)