A three way Symbiosis

generative installation, 2017
variable dimensions
conditional generative adversarial network (cGAN), adaptive video, modified fan, LED screen, webcam, chamaedorea seifrizzi (bamboo palm)

The installation explores the beauty and cruelty of the interconnections present in nature. Inspired by different symbioses and parasitisms, in which imitation and mimicry play a crucial role, a micro-environment of two objects and a living being has been set up. It consists of a tropical plant, a modified fan and a low resolution LED screen.

Thanks to a camera and an intelligent algorithm, images imitating the plant are produced on the display. A perpetual learning process enables this assimilation to the surrounding which forms an ever evolving stream of artificial, AI-imagined plants. At the same time, the light produced by the screen nourishes the real plant. A modified fan acts as a source of wind and adds a form of natural chaos to the setting.

The three entities build an entangled ensemble more powerful than the sum of their individualities – as often observed in symbioses. They establish a surprising capacity to stay in existence, enabled by the exchange between two dead actors (the screen and the fan) and a living actor (the plant).

10.2021   Plurality University – Quand, soudainement – Paris (F)
04.2019   Folie Numerique – Paris (F)
02.2018   Les chambres numeriques – Paris (F)
11.2017   Variation Media Art Fair – Paris (F)
04.2017   Le Cube – Issy-les-Moulineaux (F)

_Art dealer
$ Artjaws (F)

+ Produced by ART3000 – Le Cube, Centre de création numérique
+ Co-produced by Bipolar
+ Support by Cité internationale des arts

The piece is based on this research paper: github.com/Evolving-AI-Lab/ppgn

Plurality University – Paris (F) – © Lukas Truniger
Variation Media Art Fair – Paris (F) – © Lukas Truniger
Le Cube – Issy-les-Moulineaux (F) – © Lukas Truniger
Raw GAN output