Huge unified geometric Organ (H.U.G.O.)

context aware installation, 2014
variable dimensions, site specific

Forms become gestures, noises change to tones and phonemes. Signs, musical patterns and rhythms are talking to us and shape our world.
The installation consists of twelve geometric objects, each equipped with a distance sensor and a microphone. Based on simple rules, it generates complex movements of light and sound, responding to sonic changes in the space and the presence of the spectator. Interacting with its environment, parasitically feeding from its sonic and electromagnetic waves.

It is the search for liveliness in stochastics and chance. Twisted energies in rigid concepts. Pushing from the ordered into the organic. The installation is an abstract idea which is rendered into solid objects and an intelligent process of sound and light. Pointing in all the directions of our ever expanding reality.

03.2018   Safra‘Numériques – Amiens (F)
06.2014   Panorama 16 – Le Fresnoy Tourcoing (F)

_Project credits
<> Concept & realization: Lukas Truniger
<> Software engineer: Lukas Vogel
<> In collaboration with Métalu A Chahuter

+ A production of Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

Safra‘Numériques 2018 – © Lukas Truniger
Le Fresnoy – Panorama16 – © Lukas Truniger