Refracted Ballroom

2022, audiovisual installation

music by Noémi Büchi (CH), collaboration with Michel Häberli (CH)

The installation creates an inverted dance floor, on which the technical apparatus becomes the performing body of the space. The piece is composed of a cluster of dozens of mirror balls and many highly focused light rays. A choreography of transitory movement is created by the light beams and its manifold reflections and refractions, fleeting but still seemingly tangible. Thanks to a precise spacial mapping of the positions of all the devices and objects involved, an entangled interplay develops in between them.

The installation reflects the peculiar condition of our contemporary society, where every interaction is made through the physical properties on which our digital machines are based. The immersive scenography of the piece, working extensively with optical effects, pinpoints at this particular, interconnected dependence.

08.2022   Lethargy Festival – Zürich (CH)

_Project credits
<> Concept, development, scenography: Lukas Truniger
<> Concept, scenography: Michel Häberli
<> Music: Noémi Büchi

+ Lethargy Festival

The piece can be shown indoors or adapted for outdoor spaces.

Lethargy Festival 2022 – © Lukas Truniger